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We have responded to repeated requests and (at last) completely updated, vastly expanded and now published


Handbook of Natural Ingredients by Anthony Dweck

£4.99 eBook (£24.99 paperback) 683 pp (10”x7” format)


Handbook of Cosmetic Ingredients – their use, safety and toxicology by Anthony Dweck

£5.99 eBook (£49.98 paperback in two volumes) 1270 pp (10”x7” format)


Formulating Natural Cosmetics – 2nd Edition fully revised (1st edition formerly published by Allured)

£4.99 eBook (£24.99 paperback) 683 pp (10”x7” format)


These are available as eBooks and paperback. The low price eBooks were to make the works affordable to students



This site receives no sponsorship and is here to help anybody who is interested in selling their own products to be honest, legal and truthful. The documents you might need are to be found from the menu on the next page – just click GO TO below. Do return from time to time as we are adding additional topics to this site. We will only link to relevant sites.


The latest offer from Dweck Data is the new Product Safety Report required by the recast Cosmetics Directive of 2010. This gives CAS/EINECS numbers, LD50 values, each raw material toxicology summary and argument for safe use, compliance of preservatives, UV sunscreens and colours. 2013 compliance requires NOAEL figures, product application calculations, total raw material exposure mg/cm2/day and calculation of margin of safety. We also calculate out the 26 potential allergens present in the essential oils and the eleven categories of QRA by IFRA according to product type. Australian, Chinese, USA, Canada and Japanese compliance is given for no extra cost. We also provide suggested and mandatory pack warnings. 2013 compliant assessment (this includes a dual label INCI list suitable for Europe and USA or Europe alone if required). Please click here to download three vital documents Formula spreadsheet, PIF list, and Product Safety Report Booklet. See also our Essential legislation page for the CPNP and COLIPA guidelines.


We are working to resolve the confusion with essential oils and eliminate the nonsense that abounds with the ill-informed. click here for the facts and download the spreadsheet. If you have any additional data to donate then please email me and we will happily acknowledge the source.


To see some NEW plant research files – click here


For the very first time we are opening our research files so you can see the true facts and data for:

Parabens – click here (PDF 2MB) NOW the CTPA and SCCS say SAFE in 2011

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) – click here

List of dangerous materials – click here

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