The President’s Men


A unison of three consultants who have one thing in common – they have all been President of one of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists - twice.


Anthony Dweck twice President of the GB Society of Cosmetic Scientists


This is the Dweck Data web site, but we do all aspects of naturals, claim substantiation data, safety assessments and legality checks. Ghost writing, pack copy and scientific articles are also undertaken.



Johann Wiechers President of the IFSCC and Dutch Society of Cosmetic Scientists. My dear friend sadly passed away, but I leave his name on this page as a fond memory of our work together.


John Knowlton President of GB Society and the South African Society


Cosmetic Solutions offers a full formulation development service in all categories of cosmetics and personal care products, with the exception of colour cosmetics. In addition to this, the following services are offered: Advice on manufacturing problems and procedures, trouble-shooting and process development specification. Advice on quality control procedures and weights and measures legislation. Assistance with project management and third-party development schedules. Bespoke training courses, covering all aspects of cosmetic science and technology. Copy writing and preparation of advertising and promotional literature Preparation of technical documentation for export of cosmetic products. Advice and assistance on all regulatory matters, both domestic and international.



There are other speciality areas and we will be adding more names in the future


Bob Hefford for hair care and colourants



Abigail Righton for “natural” formulation work



John Woodruff for the sun care formulations



Dr Cuross Bakhtiar. Harley Street Cosmetics.  All round consultancy and R&D. +44 (0) 20 7612 4530.


Jennifer Bishop First Step Cosmetics recently joined the ranks of contract formulating chemist and will create any personal care products you seek. Her wealth of experience will also prove invaluable when taking those products through the next steps of testing and manufacturing. She will also make sure you have a full and comprehensive PIP file and all third party specifications. Jennifer is the only consultant on this page who will do HOUSEHOLD Products. Email:


Andy Juj for Jasan Cosmetics Laboratories (Established 1991) provides a total development and manufacturing service to the toiletries industry. He offers a complete service from product concept through to full scale manufacture. He has helped a large number of Dweck Data clients who required smaller scale manufacture. Contact: Tel: +44 (0)7710 381201


Kumar Siva for FiCosmetics is a really charming man with the patience of a saint who works close to his daughter who needs a lot of love and care. If you want formula development but are not an expert and want somebody who will listen to your needs then Kumar might be your best choice. Contact: Mob: 07590 893683, Tel: 0161 736 6706.

Karl Lintner, PhD, of Kalidees a trusted and respected colleague brings 20 years in the cosmetic “Active Ingredient” business and offers help and advice in developing concepts and beauty ideas, analysing and choosing market offerings, optimising test protocols, converting science jargon into consumer language (both written and oral), press-side and staff training. For more details, contact him at

Rosemary Collins for colour cosmetics. About Face Cosmetics Ltd is one the very few consultants specialising in colour cosmetics (ex Boots) and has long standing industry expertise, About Face Cosmetics Ltd provides Consultancy Services in the formulation, industrialisation and production of colour cosmetics.
Contact:  Telephone:  +44(0)115 9222696  Mobile:  +44(0)7939450660. 

Penny Williams, of Orchadia  Perfumer and fragrance expert for perfume development and regulatory assistance (GHS, CLP, IFRA and more)., Telephone: 07786 804048

Loraine Argyle for Complete OTC Services - Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices. Qualified ISO & BRC Auditor. HACCP trained. Experience in manufacturing, regulatory and retail. Contact:


Lesley Spice and Marion Smith. Stability testing is boring, tiresome and requires a huge expenditure for the incubators and test equipment. Now it can be contracted out! A wealth of experience working for other companies this new venture could be the answer to many a prayer for stability testing. 

Emsworth Stability Plus Ltd. 

3b The Old Flour Mill, Dolphin Quay, 

Queen Street, Emsworth

PO10 7BT 

Tel: 01243-373 373




Joyce Ryan Consultancy. Sensory & consumer product research. Specialist in sensory evaluation. 3 Exford Drive, Bolton, BL2 6TB. +44 (0) 1204 392 552.


Ayton Global Research. Specialist Cosmetic Volunteer consumer studies, over 350,000 volunteers worldwide. 17 years cosmetic and consumer studies and claim substantiation. Contact: Sue Ayton. +44(0)1749 344464. . Email: I have known Susan Ayton for many years and she is used by many of our mutual clients.




KBV Consultants.  Brand, Packaging and Retail troubleshooters. Kevin Vyse. Mob: +44 (0) 7973 681217.  Tel: +44 (0) 1666 849705.




Herrco Cosmetics Ltd. 5-7 Broadway Drive, Halesworth, Suffolk IP19 8QR.

Tel: 01986 874 149  Fax: 01986 874 664


UPL Universal.  Joanne Senior. 01772 685777.


Fragrant Earth. +44 (0) 1458 831216.


Orean Personal Care Ltd. 01484 400 818


Inovia International. Bob Craik General Manager. Tel: 01780 782 2319. Direct: 01780 784 201. Email: . Supply botanical extracts and natural raw materials, also have contract manufacturing facility geared up for 2,000 – 5,000 units of aromatherapy, spa, skin care and body care products. Have GMP ISO 22716.


Statfold Seed Oil Ltd. Tel: +44(0)1827 830871. Email: Yes they make oils but they also do contract maufacturing.




Dweck Data do safety assessments and we also include for free; the international legislation, the useful CPNP data, VOC information and so much more.



Sevron Health and Safety Solutions 01772 623182

Do Risk Assessments using their Software   


We do have a higher purpose as a company and I would like to tell you about The National Home Safety Week and The Knights of Safety. We are sponsoring and launching The National Home Safety Week (NHSW) in Blackpool on the 20th September. Our objective is to ensure that every child in the country under 7 receives a Safety Pack from the teachers and gives the pack to their parents.  We are asking business to take the pledge that they will sponsor safety packs. The pack contains a book we are launching that goes through the house room by room and they have a week to finish off the jobs they need to do in order to make children  safer in the home. We are asking people or business to take the Pledge and sponsor the packs for the schools.”




Alba Sciences

For HETCAM and animal alternative tests to assess product safety

Marie Reynolds (Technical Director)

Tel: 0131 556 8715

Mob: 07756 805 856 see web site for more details


Cutest Systems Ltd,

Abton House, 40 Wedal Road, Heath, Cardiff, UK CF14 3QX

Tel: 00442920625686

Cutest perform safety, efficacy and claim substantiation/proof-of-concept testing for cosmetics, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and nutritional supplements.  Cutest’s distinction stems from our dermatological expertise, niche industry experience and our core values of Scientific excellence, commitment to quality and superior service delivery.  All of our studies are conducted on-site by qualified Nurses to the standards of ICH GCP only after approval has been received from an independent ethics committee. see web site


Donnington Laboratories

For all the wet chemistry like saponification values, acid values, iodine values etc. Microbiology and challenge testing as well as disinfection testing and evaluation.

Tel: 01243 783 487


Aspen Clinical Research. Consumer Product Testing, safety and efficacy testing, specific claims liker clinically tested, dermatological tested etc.

Tel: +44(0)1621 859230. . for a very wide range of tests.