Monthly columns from 1998-2001.


June 1998                    What is in a name?

July 1998                     Designing a new product based on naturals

August 1998                 Ashes of roses

September 1998           Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

October 1998              Two is company, tree's a crowd

November 1998           How to formulate a natural product and stay out of trouble?

December 1998           The holly and the ivy

January 1999                A new year with new beginnings

February 1999             The language of flowers

March 1999                 The doctrine of signatures

April 1999                    Heaven and hell or paradise lost

May 1999                    Nauseating nostalgia

June 1999                    Nauseating nostalgia 2

July 1999                     The road to discovery

August 1999                 Frightening thoughts

September 1999           The millennium

October 1999              The new dawn 2999 continued

November 1999           The worst of this millennium

December 1999           The best of this millennium

January 2000                Best event of the old millennium

February 2000             The computer age

March 2000                 Spring tonics

April 2000                    The natural guide to child care

May 2000                    A trip to sunny Spain

June 2000                    A trip to sunny Vienna

July 2000                     The summer holidays

August 2000                 Worts and Banes

September 2000           Full of eastern promise

October 2000              What is it about water?

November 2000           Betrayed

December 2000           Santa is coming, naturally

January 2001                Formulate 2000

February 2001             Valentines day and other sentimentality

March 2001                 Innovation from an unexpected source

April 2001                    The changing face of naturals