Updated 4 Aug 2009


These files are used by Dweck Data for research purposes and are a series of references. At all times we fully acknowledge the research and published works of colleagues and are quite willing to remove a reference if it breaches their copyright. We will be adding new files to this section at regular intervals, so please feel free to come back.


Abelmoschus moschatus           - click here

Aesculus hippocastanum          - click here

Broussonetia papyrifera           - click here

Fucus vesiculosis                      - click here

Garcinia atroviridis                  - click here

Humulus lupulus                      - click here

Mangifera indica                     - click here

Persea americana                    - click here

Psidium guajava                      - click here

Punica granatum                     - click here

Salvia officinalis                       - click here

Stemona tuberosa                     - click here


Parabens                                  - click here

SLS                                         - click here




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